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An exert from an episode of Murder and More

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This is from my podcast, Murder and More. I researched the case discussed in this episode, wrote the script and recorded and edited the episode.

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on the afternoon of the ninth of May 2000 and was walking her King Charles spaniel Alvie in London Park, a picturesque, busy public park where people felt safe to walk their dogs. But roughly half past five in the afternoon, police attending another incident nearby were approached by a dog walker, who informed them that he discovered a body in London Park. Two police officers left the scene and followed the man into Mandan Park, where the body of what they described as the young girl lay that evening. The individual was identified as 35 year old on Cook on. The cause of death was revealed to be a stab wound to her chest. Ann's dog, LV, who was standing over her body when officers discovered the scene was taken to the vets, say that teeth impressions could be taken in case he'd bitten Ann's killer. Meanwhile, officers interviewed witnesses to get a better picture of that afternoon, including the man who had initially found the body and alerted police