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Radio comedy sketch about call-waiting between friends.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Hello. Hey. Hi, Scott. I'm glad I got you instead of your machine. I know. I've been really busy lately. I'm sorry I got all your messages. I know the feeling. Listen, we got to relax. Sometimes. I've got these tickets. I'm sorry. I've got another call. Do you mind if I just pick it up? No, go ahead. Okay. Thanks. Hello. Hey, Peter, I am so glad you called him and trying to reach you. For days. I've been really busy, but I had to find out how your meeting women. Oh, jeez. Can you hang on a second? I got a call. Hello, J. Where are you? Are you back from vacation already? Yeah, really? Hang on a second. Calling your Hello. Hi, Tracy. Tell me everything. Well, let's get together for coffee tonight. You want to call Scott and see if he's free? I got beat on the other line. Eight. Huh? Anyway, is that you? Yeah. Yeah, I didn't know your faith, but no, no, I'm at my house. Your hold on a second, will you? I've got Scott on hold. I've had him on hold for a while. Okay. Scott, I'm so sorry, Tracy. Well, I was gonna call you next, but since you're at Scott's, I can kill two birds with one the way. Tracy, I'm not a Scott. You called my house? I had Scott on hold a moment. No, I have his number on speed dial. I'm house. Can you hang on a second? Hello? Crazy Pete. I'm glad you called Jay's back, and I think we should wait. Wait, wait. Tracy, I didn't call. I'm on hold with Jay and I have Catherine had Catherine on the other line. No, no, I had Katherine on my other. No, no, no. You couldn't hold on camp, Pete. Where's Katherine Scott? What do you That's my call waiting. Hang on a second, but I Thanks. Hello? Hey, Scott. How did Hey, Tracy, Hold on a second. I got peed on my other line. If you wait pizza on my other line. Thanks, Pete. Tracey Scott. One 08 Jay, is that you? Peter, what are you doing way