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well. I know it could have been the first time that you see this scary creature. So this scary creatures called the sea lamprey. It is a knell like type of primitive fish and it can be seen near the coast of north America and europe. The sea lamprey is a parasitic creature, so its mouth has evolved attached to hostess and suck their blood as a result, its mouth is usually as wide as or even wider than its head. There is no joe and the mouth has around sacred like periods. It has an oral disc with several required, savage looking teeth inside, and it uses this to attach to larger fish out in the ocean, wrap the whole, then fit on the blood and flutes and every other fish. The Sea Lamprey spent around 10 years into fresh water. After that time, it migrates to the sea, where it stays usually around two years. During that time, seal and pray will become mature and it will return back to fresh water for spawning. Spawning takes place in the spring, Sea Lamprey can lay as much as 100,000 eggs in the stony nests, ceiling praise will die immediately after spawning