Fiction sample - 4 characters



Excerpt from \"The Lovely Bones\". Female teen first-person narrator, with two adult females and one adult male. One character has a heavy southern accent.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US South)


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My grandmother arrived on the evening before my memorial in her usual style. She liked to hire limousines and drive in from the airport, sipping champagne while wearing what she called her thick and fabulous animal, a mink she had gotten secondhand at the church bazaar. My parents had not so much invited her as included her if she wanted to be there. When my mother mentioned it on the phone, she was surprised to hear the words, I'm coming, but you don't have to mother. There was a silence on my grandmother's end. Abigail, she said, this is Susan's funeral Jack. My grandmother said as she approached my parents on the front porch, we need some stiff drinks. She saw lindsey then trying to sneak up the stairs and gain a few more minutes before the required visitation. Kid hates me, grandma Lynn said, her smile was frozen, her teeth perfect and white mother. My mother said, and I wanted to rush into those ocean eyes of loss. I'm sure Lindsay is just going to make herself presentable. An impossibility in this house, said my grandmother, Lynn said, my father, this is a different house than last time you were here. I'll get you a drink but I ask you to respect that. Still handsome as **** Jack. My grandmother said, You look lovely mother. My mother said, mm hmm. While my father was out of earshot my grandmother said, how is he world coping but it's hard Lynn seven and 7 or a Martini. My father said, coming back out into the hallway, what are you having? I'm not drinking these days. Actually my father said, now there's your problem. I'll lead the way. No one has to tell me where the liquor is without her, thick and fabulous animal. My grandmother was rail thin, Starved down was how she put it when she had canceled me at age 11. You need to get yourself starved down honey before you keep fed on for too long. Baby phat is just another way to say ugly. She and my mother had fought about whether I was old enough for Benzedrine, her own personal savior. She called it as in, I am offering your daughter my own personal savior. And do you deny her?