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This demo showcases the highest rated on-air radio personality in the market according to Nielsen ratings Spring 2019 ratings period. Linda Guerrera's on-air style is friendly, warm, fun, happy, \"the person sitting next to you in the car on your way home from work\".

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Sampras hit Music Station 98 Human Linda G. It's your commercial free 45 minute music marathon for your ride home. Thanks for letting us ride shotgun with you Jamborees. 98 Q Theo, What a day! What a day! I'm telling you, I feel like this all year. I'd be good, wouldn't you? Well, tonight, partly cloudy with a low of 63. So not that either. Slight chance of an afternoon shower tomorrow. Maybe a thunderstorm in a high 84 Looking at Wednesday. Sunny High 86. Right now we've got 83 some sunshine. Now wait, I've been called worse, right? 98 Q With traffic cycles not so bad, let's check in with simplicity of these roads are doing being brought to you by McDonald. Turn of summer with McDonald's Minute Maid slushies get a small for just $2 for a limited time only. Well, 84. He's bound, really? Is it Music Station 98? Hey, we all felt this way right after last two of wine. It's the weekend and I know that song. I'm telling you right now, if it just doesn't do anything for you, really gotta check your pulse. What a great new song. Lewis Kapali, right there. Someone you loved. Hey there. Liturgy is 98 Q Traffic is building like it's a holiday weekend, too, so it's just a crazy. So do be careful if you are out on the roads right now, Thanks for taking us along for the ride. And by the way, they're saying that the best day to travel this week in case you have plans you're going away for the weekend or whatever is on the Fourth of July. So crazy as that sounds, if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense because everyone's where they have to be already. Travel on the fourth you get there and get there in one piece and you're ready to rock. That's the way to do things. Very naughty. Eight. You ready to rock your A rock? Nothing better than that. All right, we're checking, and once again with Jim Scene has his roads are actually doing Being Brought to You by Carol is one in spirit. Jamborees hit Music Station 98 people, Did you Everything that she would here words Lady Gaga on Oscar Academy Awards next to each other. No. Right. Come on. You did. And now look it up. 2019. No poker faces, you know, like they do in practice. They sent in the world on fire all over again. What year is this? Dember is 98 Q Jonas Brothers go, Teoh. I don't think today could have been a better day. It was so beautiful. Hopefully the summer will remember that. And we'll continue making copies of today. And just tasting it every day would be a great idea. I know. See the things I think of partly cloudy tonight with a low near 63 tomorrow. Slight chance of an afternoon shower, maybe a thunder shower and a high 84 looking at Wednesday Sunny again with a high of 86. Right now we've got 81 son number 1 98 Q DeVries hit Music station 90 Que New Music from Khalid. That is called Talk. It's stuff, isn't it? Also we play here is good stuff, so you know, and it goes without saying, I guess Hi there. I'm going to G. Thanks for hanging out with me today. Today? Tonight? Don't you feel like sometimes this song was written about you, What you should lake compounds. New England's family theme and water park is unforgettable. Give them a day, and they'll give you memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy free fountain Pepsi products all day every day with your silver, gold or gold Deluxe season past This season, as late compounds, find them off I 84 in Bristol, Connecticut, online at lake compounds dot com. Sip up summer with Pepsi and late compounds.