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Sr Catherine a nun from India who sacrificed herself wholly to the lord's works but lived a boring life..

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Sister Catherine or contemplated Carmelite hardly ever traveled, preached or accomplished any extraordinary feat for nearly 60 years has lived in the same place with almost the same community members. Her days right from the beginning have been spent in the same way. Prayer threatened her life, work and rest most of the time is spent in silence. Even as I write this, the first thought that comes to me is how Monitor nous and boring this sounds however Sister Catherine looks anything but bored whenever you made her. She's invariably welcoming, smiling in a kind and unassuming way. When we asked her for an interview and told her that we wanted to write about her life, she felt embarrassed. What could we possibly tell her? She had done nothing special, held no degree her prayers, however, had something else to say. I'm very glad to have people know about Sister Catherine. She is a competent nun who has never said no to her superiors, whatever she does, she doesn't happily and with utmost care we have seen so many people receiving graces through her prayers. Sister Catherine was born in a poor family in Kerala right from a young age, she had helped with the house chores and field work. The family's condition left her with no possibility to study often. They had to feed themselves with nuts kept under the sand. However poverty and long hours of work did not prevent the family from gathering in prayer. Every evening. Moreover, Catherine would go every day from us with her mother moved by her thirst for God. Catherine along with her mother joined the third order of the Franciscans. This quiet, timid young woman's thirst for God even led her to animate faith groups.