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I want to get some reviews for my voice over and at the same time provide services.. I've also been participating in the church choir trying to enhance my voice.. thanks

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The folk of the far away tree by Ned Britain. Chapter one Curious Connie comes to stay one day mother came to the three Children as they worked out in the garden and spoke to them, joe. Bessie Fannie, listen to me for a minute. I've just had a letter from an old friend of mine and I'm wondering what to do about it. I'll read it to you, mother, read the letter. Dear old friend, please, will you do something for me? I have not been well for some time. And the doctor says I must go away on a long holiday. But as you know, I have a little girl, Connie, and I cannot leave her by herself. So would you please let her stay with you until I come back? I will of course, pay you well. Your three Children are good and well behaved. And I feel that their friendship will be very nice for my little Connie. Who is, I'm afraid rather spoiled. Do let me know soon. Your old friend lizzie Haines. The three Children listened in silence. Then B. C. Spoke. Oh, mother, we've seen Connie once, and she was awfully stuck up and spoiled and awfully curious to sticking her nose into everything. Have we got to have her? No, of course not, said mother, but I could do with some extra money. You know. And I do think that Connie might soon settle down and stop being spoiled. Even if she lived with us, it would be good for her. And I suppose we ought to help people, if we can, said joe. Alright, mother, we'll have Connie, shall we and just teach her not to be spoiled. Yeah, and we shall be able to show her the enchanted wood. And the far away tree, said Fannie. Yes, we used to have Cousin ****, but now he's gone back home, said Bessie. We have Connie instead. If you put a little bed into the corner of my room and Fannies, mother, we can have her in there. Mother smiled at them, and went indoors to write to her old friend, to say yes, she would have Connie. The Children looked at one another. We'll soon take Connie off if she starts any of her high and mighty ways here, said Bessy, and we'll stop her poking her nose into everything too, said Fannie. I say. What about taking out up to the far away tree? And letting her peep in at the angry pixie, he'll soon take her off! The others giggled. They could see that they would be having a bit of fun with Connie. She was always so curious and inquisitive about everything. And everyone. Well, she would get a few shocks in the enchanted wood. It will be fun showing somebody else the far away tree and all the people there said joe. I wonder what curious Connie will think of the sauce pan man and the silky and moon face, and I wonder what they will think of her! Said Bessy, what a lovely name for her, joe, curious Connie. I shall always think of her like that now.