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Claire du Mont was terrified. The airport was a bustling place, full of jet lagged people with stuffed suitcases and bulging backpacks. The crowd's appeared to move in 1000 different directions, leaving no space for a white knuckled Claire to slip by. Her boarding ticket was bent in several places, its condition evident of her hesitation to leave her home city of Lior behind. As the conversation ended, a wrist ius stepped back for a moment, forgetting all about the two assassins behind him. Mcis turn to face Corvino once again and announced, If you desire more than gold, I can make you a partner in trade. Slaves, silks, spices. You will have a share of it all a continuous stream of wealth until the end of your days. In addition to the coin I have offered you today. Do we have a deal? Mcis waited for several agonising seconds while Corvina contemplated his offer. Emerging from the magical portal, we instantly appear in a magnificent city. We are greeted by a group of robed men and women, the immortal mystics of Tiki, thanking us for returning the Jewell to Shangrila on dispelling the curse the monks offer to teach our party their mystical secrets. As we follow the path to enlightenment, it often takes a strong will or perhaps even a stronger spirit, recites Grandmaster Showgirl.