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um I'm Annie, sir. The pleasure is all mine, ma'am. I'm paul and welcome to West Virginia is something the matter paul. It's just that. Would you mind if I called you jenny while you're here? It would mean an awful lot to me. That would be fine ball after all. That's why I'm here to remind you of what you lost so many years ago. It'll just be a quick ride over, don't you worry, Just right through here. And I mean, jenny and I'm gonna need you to take those clothes off, shipped shipped. What have I gotten myself into? I'm gonna leave my wife's clothes right here on the other side. Just put them on whenever you're ready. Ah that's all he meant. Now, I feel bad suddenly anne understood just what these men needed and how she could provide it for them. If she could fill the hole in paul's heart, then what else could she do? How many men needed a woman like her to find out more. Listen to the audiobook. Sugar baby. Only on pocket FM. Download the app today.