Videogame Character Demo 2018

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A variety of performances for video game characters.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) North American (General)


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for aeons. The humans lived in peace and plenty until the shadow of war came upon The CP. This is Delta one. We've engaged in the hostel, but we need extraction now. We're under heavy fire. It's been 12 hours since the perimeter breach of of locked myself in the genetics lab infected her outside. There's nobody left. I just want to see my family. Thiss cargo is not worth our lives. We have families here. If the Kyla catch up to us, they won't survive. We have to abandon ship before they find us. He comes in here every week demanding money. Friend in the patrons, I told him to shove off. Next thing I know, he stuck his knife in the table. Bloodied, Shakaar said, I just add that painted well done, lad. That was a nice clean kill. Now let's go. When a dragon falls in your lap, you don't wait around to count the scales. Please be advised. All navigation and life support systems have now failed. Star Span apologises for this inconvenience and wishes you a safe journey. I was looking forward to peeling the skin from your bows and letting it crackle over a fire. But the Dark Lord is over. The sweet surprise for your head. The enemy has breached the gate. We must hold them good. Yeah. Don't let him throw.