Her Wolves



This is a story of love and I brought a simple tone to ampllify the simplistic value of the story being told.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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her wolves. Written by G bailey. Chapter Two. Wake up, you have a book on your face blinking. My eyes open. I see nothing but blurry lines until I lift the book I was reading off my face and rubbed my nose. Damn! I must have fallen asleep reading again. I closed the human written romance book about demons at the academy and turned my gaze to where my foster brother is holding the door open. Jasper Perry to has dark brown overgrown hair that falls around his face and shoulders. And his clothes are all a little too big for him and torn in places because they are hand me downs. But he smiles every single damn day and for that alone. I love him. At just eight, he asked the same age as me, thanks to losing his family a year ago, having no relatives to offer him to take him in. I don't care that we aren't blood related somehow. I'm always going to be here for him because he hasn't had a childhood anymore than I did. We are foster kids in a pact that hates our very existence and they make damn sure we know about it.