The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss



This sample shows off my narration style as it applies to a passage that is descriptive and displays points of view from the main character and her very unique perspective.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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There was a loose stone in the floor next to the wardrobe. Ari picked it up with her fingers, adjusted the small other sack and piece of wool padding underneath, then slid the stone back into place, tamping it down firmly with the handle of the broom. She tested it with 1 ft and smiled when it no longer shifted under her weight. Lastly, she opened the wardrobe. She moved the dress of burgundy velvet away from the gown of pale blue silk. She replaced the lid of a tall hat box that had come a jar. She opened the drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe, her breath caught in her chest, then folded Titley away. At the bottom of the drawer were several perfect sheets. Pale and smooth, Ari reached down to touch one and was amazed at the tightness of the weave so fine her fingers couldn't feel the thread. It was cool and sweet to the touch, like a lover come to kiss her. Fresh and from the cold, Ari brushed her hand across the surface. How lovely might it be to sleep on such a sheet toe, lay on it and feel the sweetness of it all along her naked skin. She shivered in her fingers, curled around the folded edges of the sheet, hardly realizing what she did. She drew it from its proper place and brought it to her chest. She brushed her lips against its smoothness. There were other sheets beneath it, a treasure trove surely enough for a place like Tumblr. L Besides, she had set so many other things to rights. Surely she looked down at the sheet for a long moment, and while her eyes were all softness and want her mouth grew firm and furious. No, that was not the way of things She knew better. She knew perfectly well where this sheet belonged. Ari closed her eyes and put the sheet back into the drawer. Shame burning in her chest. She was a greedy thing, sometimes wanting for herself, twisting the world all out of proper shape, pushing everything about with the weight of her desire. She closed the drawer and came to her feet. Looking around, she nodded to herself. She made a good beginning here. The vanity was obviously in need of some attention, but she couldn't taste the nature of it. Yet Still, the place had a name and everything obvious was tended to. Ari took Fox and and headed down the unnamed stare through, wanes and crumbled in all the way back to Mantle. She fetched freshwater. She washed her face, her hands and her feet. After that, she felt much better. She grinned, and on a whim, she sprinted off to delving. She hadn't visited in ages and missed the warm earth smell of it, the closeness of the walls running lightly on her toes. Ari danced through rubric ducking pipes. She skipped through woods, reaching out to swing herself from time warm beams that held the sagging roof at bay. Finally, she came to a swollen wooden door. Stepping through, she held fox and high. She smelled the air. She grinned. She knew exactly where she waas. Everything was just where it should be.