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A Youtube video on 9 SEO mistakes.

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we all make mistakes. Sometimes it's because of really hard problems but a lot of the time it's because we're missing the basics. I have made a huge mistake in today's video. I'm going to talk about the most common S. C. O. Mistakes you need to avoid and what to do instead. Now before we get started, make sure you click down below and subscribe. The first mistake is not using Urs properly. Let me explain. Oftentimes you or else have dates gibberish and words that just don't need to be there. That is a big mistake because if you have dates for example, Google will think you're only relevant to that date. Like if it says June 16, 2022, it would only be relevant to that date and gibberish and words that you don't need are self explanatory. So try to remove all that and include the exact match keyword that you're trying to rank for instead. Come on man. The second mistake is not using heading tags correctly. For example you may make a quote in H2, it may look nice on the page but it's terrible for s. c. o. Awful by the way. Right? Yeah, terrible. Here's how to fix that, make it So H one is for the page title only think of H two as the chapters on your page and H three are the subsections of these chapters which improve the structure and give more opportunity to insert your keywords. The third mistake is not including meta descriptions and meta titles. This is simple. Stop cutting corners, invest a few minutes to write a compelling meta description in title and you'll see an increase in clicks. Mhm aim for around 50 characters for the meta title and 1 50 for the meta description. The fourth mistake is not focusing on building links. Many credible research studies show that links correlate with higher rankings. HFS found a linear correlation between the number of back links and the amount of traffic a website gets from google. Now there are many ways to build back links here. Two ways to do it. The first is with Hera. All you have to do is give your expert opinion on topics that journalists want more information on. You could have sent the electronic letter. It's called an email. The second is guest posting and you can find these by searching this and the end result is something like this. The 5th mistake is not including all texts. This is the same deal with meta descriptions above. Try to fill in the gaps and don't be lazy. Make work your favorite, that's your favorite. Ok. Work is your new favorite. All texts are important because without it you may be in violation of the W C A G and the american disability act, which can get you sue. The sixth mistake is not using the right redirect Redirects are something that takes a user to a new page so that they don't end up with an error. They also pass authority from the old page to the new page. Remember to always use 301 redirects for permanent redirects in 302 for temporary redirects. You can see this with screen frog under response codes. The seventh mistake is not optimizing the user experience. Adobe found that 38% of people will stop engaging with the website if the layout is unattractive. Additionally, a bad user experience will skyrocket the bounce rate or the number of people who click that back button right after clicking on the page, a couple of obvious UX optimizations are to increase the speed of the website by compressing images, mystifying code, adding a Cdn and more. Next optimizing a mobile friendly website so that everything is responsive is a must And of course avoid aggressive pop ups and disruptive at number eight is not upgrading old content. Most people keep aiming for new keywords. This is a huge mistake and a missed opportunity. A study by single grain found that updating old content increases traffic by 96% on average and we've seen much more. No matter if you're just updating a paragraph or two or doing a complete revamp, it'll rank higher. This is because Google will think that this content is fresh and relevant. Finally, the last mistake is not satisfying the user intent. Let me explain the four types of user intents. Number one is informational, for example, how to build back links. People want to learn something. Number two is comparison for example, SCM rush versus Uber suggests. These are to compare the pros and cons of Two products or services. Number three is transactional. For example, roofers near me is a transactional keyword because somebody is looking for a roofer to fix the roof and number four is navigational. For example, if they search google search console login, you know exactly what they're looking for. So those are nine S C. O. Mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. Now, if you need help with this, check out our agency outburst marketing and if you like this video, comment down below, hit that subscribe button and like the video.