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is your mobility program missing an easy do it yourself solution that offers the benefits of a full service move minus the packing crew, then check out smart box. The simpler, safer way to move and store stuff. Here's how it works. We'll deliver a water and weatherproof smart box. Right to the relocating employees home. It's about the size of a parking space. So it's perfect in a driveway or in a parking spot in downtown areas, you can actually fit up to two smart boxes side by side in one parking space. The relocating employee keeps the smart box for as long as they need. Once they're done loading, our professional drivers will come and pick up the smart box and either store it or deliver it to their new home smart boxes, simpler, all the relocating employee has to do is pack the smart box and we do the rest. Sounds simple enough for the relocating employee. But our pricing model makes your job easier to, there's no hidden fees or monthly creep ups, which you're relocating employees use is what they pay for. So building this solution into your program is straightforward. Quick and economical. Smart box is safer since a smart box sits at ground level, you're relocating employees won't be lifting heavy furniture up a ramp or heavy boxes into a rented truck. And since we do the driving, there's less risk of any accidents behind the wheel. That means fewer workers comp claims for you. We're bonded, certified drivers and include in transit insurance for every interstate move. It's a solution for every type of employee on the move for lump sum employees who just want an easy, affordable way to move in store for interns and college grads who don't have that much stuff to move, executives who need to declutter and stage their home employees who want control of how and when they pack for those who need a storage solution. When their new home isn't ready for a relocating employee who needs to move ahead of their family. Smart box lets them split their move and for pretty much any storage need. You can think of both short and long term smart box delivers. It's a simpler and safer solution for you and your relocating employees that is backed by Sirve, a proven leader in global relocation. To learn more about why smart box is right for you and your relocating employees visit smart box moving and storage dot com. Mhm.