Hi my name is Margaret I love and I can tell a story in an interesting

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Hi my name is Margaret I love and I can tell a story in an interesting way.

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the stories, name is no king as God. There once lived a great and powerful king in an African village, Everybody feared him and came to pay obedience to him. When an ordinary man came before the African king, he would shout in greetings, May the king live forever. There was one man in the village who refused to greet the king in that manner. Instead, he would say, there is no king like God. After many visits to the king and many repeated of these phrases, the king grew angry and polluted to destroy the man. The king gave the man two silver rings and told him they were his to keep. But in fact, the king meant to avenge himself through them. The man whom everybody know now called no king as God took the rings, but them put them into a dried and empty ram's horn and give them to his wife to keep for him. A week later the king called no king as God and sent him to a distant village to tell the people to come and help build up the city walls. As soon as no king like God has gone, the king said for his wife, he offered 1000 crowns if she would give him the rings which her husband had put in her care. The man's wife was attempted by the great offer. So she agreed and broad Ram's horn. When the king looked inside, there were two rings safely stored, he placed them back in the horn and give it to his servant. He placed he placed them back in the horn and gave it to his servants with districted destruction to throw it far into the lake. They did so, and as the horn fell into the water a great fish swamped by and swallowed it. Now as no king as God was returning home for his journey, he met his son friends who were going fishing. He went with them and caught a great fish which he took home. When he got home he asked his wife, where's the precious rings? Where? But she replied that she could not find them. He was very dist disturbed and disappointed. There was still talking when a royal messenger came and told the man he was wanted by the king at once as the man set off the royal court, his son, who had been cleaning the fish suddenly struck his knife on something hard, and he called it to his father. The father pulled out the horn, and when he opened it and looked inside he saw the rings which the king was given him for safekeeping. Truly, he said, There's no king like God