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Featuring samples from web videos by Howcast Media (2008), Frederator's \"The Leaderboard\" (2019), and aNb Media's TTPM (2019).

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how to give a great sound bite. It's time to good over here because things are about to get high. Mario Buena with the leaderboard and today I'm gonna tell you what your Mortal Kombat 11 main says about you. An era of peace seemed certain under the two Belmont's but surprise the day after the ceremony. So lay you disappears, the four castles rise and Dracula returns to human form. It's basically the worst quinceanera ever. Meanwhile, eggman has left to drift her space with his two annoying robot lackeys. No, not not these two adorable Avengers assemble and you knew the power of the dogs. It's Morphin Time. What? So are you playing to pick these up to encourage your future EA sports superstars to take the floss dance filled fun off line, Let me know. Down below, Step 14 End with a bang. Even if you've been on the boring side, having a powerful finale will make it seem like you've been building toward a big finish.