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Senior (55+)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (England - East Anglia, Cambridge, Hertfordshire) British (England - Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire) British (General)


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you know, somebody asked me once if you could go back in time. What advice would you give to your younger self? So I thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that I couldn't answer it. Because if who I am today went back in time. Right now, whatever I say to the younger me could potentially have such an effect that the younger version of me may never make it back to this moment where they were asked, What if you could go back in time, see if I could go back in time? I prefer to let the younger me speak so that I could listen to what they have to say. Because surely along the way, for as much as I've learned, I've also forgotten I've forgotten how to be free from my insecurities. I've forgotten how to live in the moment, how to stop worrying so much about the future. And why is that? Well, I thought about that too. And I've realised that as I grow and I learned Mohr, I wonder less. As I achieve more, I seek less and as I earn more, I need less. But there was a time when I struggled to learn anything when all I could do was learn because I knew nothing. I've become jaded in my years. But if I had to give the younger me any bit of advice, I would say this. Call your mother. Ah, call your father. Tell the ones you love how much you love them before it's too late.