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your default online banking account summary will show your personal accounts only to navigate to your Wells Fargo business account simply click the dropdown labeled personal accounts and select your business name from here. You can check your available balance, send invoices, check your Wells Fargo credit card statement and manage your personal and security options. As a condition of reopening our office space. Employees are required to take extra precautions in the workplace masks must be worn inside the building and outside within 20 ft of the entrance meeting rooms must have chairs placed at least 6ft apart And meetings cannot contain more than six people in a single room. We care about the health and safety of our employees. We appreciate your cooperation. No, no big bird left all the toys out. We should put them away. Can you help? Great first let's find the blue ball. That's right. Okay. Can you find the yellow truck? Good try. That's the green car. Can you find the yellow truck? Wonderful. Let's put these toys in the brown chest. As with all inherited disorders. The H. S. P. S. Are due to gene mutations. Each genetic type of HSP is due to a mutation in a specific H. S. P. Gene for example, mutations in S. P. G. Three A. At last in S. P. G. Four spaced in and S. P. G. Seven. Paraplegia in jeans cause SpG three A. S. P. G. Four and S. P. G. Seven, H. S. P. Respectively