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Audio-guide for the Picasso exhibition at the Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec, recorded in April 2021, in Québec City.

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Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga Spain. His father, a drawing teacher, encouraged him to begin art training as a child, probably because of the rigorous education he received. In his youth, Picasso said, I never made Children's drawings. He was not yet 14 years old when he painted the Barefoot girl. He was then studying at the School of Fine Arts in La Coruna, where his father taught. This work displays some of the influences that characterizes training and work the great spanish masters, Naturalism and the regional schools. Despite the fairly traditional nature of this painting, it already exhibits noticeable distortions, such as the disproportionate eyes, hands and feet that underscore the girls humble origins. This canvas introduces the theme of the seated figure which Picasso would revisit and renew throughout his career. It also introduces the tendency towards subjective distortion as applied to the theme of women.