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Corporate in-house and radio promos. Tone varies from conversational and relatable, to sincere and straightforward, to more of a 'sell'.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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to find out more, join us at our open evening at the Meridian 25 Key Street on Thursday, 20th of January between four and seven PM or log on to be part of the shore dot com. Polyester is actually a form of plastic, but don't worry, Polly Esther's naturally degrade and are environmentally friendly. So rock that mustard yellow sport coat without fear. Meet Lori, a marketing manager for a technology company. She's a typical passive candidate. She's not thinking about her next career opportunity that uses linked into network and keep up with news related to her current job. Every time Laurie logs into her linked in home page, she not only sees a stream of relevant jobs, but she could also see this a Lincoln recruitment ad, the perfect opportunity to make a strong first impression. And if we could make more people fall in love with bang on the loose in online, we could drive even more traffic to our stores worldwide and seduce them with our products. Extra credit. The word Esther was coined in 18 48 by a German scientist. Esther and the name Esther have nothing in common. We wanted to get this platform off the ground quickly so we could start reaping the benefits. In doing so, tough choices had to be made. We decided to edit the current content to fit the new platform on. We focus mainly on the 20 Web pages that received close to 80% of the total traffic. You, too, can build an ongoing rappel with passive candidates like Lori across multiple touch points on linked in to learn more visit talent dot linked in dot com forward slash media.