Children's Stories/Apps



A collection of samples from work I've done for children's projects, including nursery rhymes, new stories, and instructional learning apps for children in the voice of a cartoon character.

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Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
little boy blue come blow your horn The sheeps in the meadow The cow's in the corn Where is the boy who looks after the sheep? He's under the haystack. Fast asleep. Will you wake him? No, not I For if I dio, he'll surely cry. The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we said in the house all that cold, cold, wet day I sat there with Sally We sat there, we two and I said How I wish we had something to dio Too wet to go out and too cold to play ball So we sat in the house. We did nothing at all. So all we could do was to sit, sit, sit, sit. And we did not like it. Not one little bit. And then something went bump. How that bump made us jump. We looked. Then we saw him steppin on the mat. We looked and we saw him. The cat in the hat. It was my idea to invite Derek, the new kid in our neighborhood, on our annual father and son weekend trip. Derek had never been camping or fishing. Great idea. Dad said it'll be a once in a lifetime experience for him. One he'll never forget. Dad and I didn't realize how true that would turn out to be. The car blew a tire on the way to our campsite. Not an impressive start. A minor setback, that's all, Dad said as Derek and I tumbled out of the car to help. Let's learn numbers. Bumbles has three eggs in his basket. He wants to eat five eggs. How many eggs does bubbles need to put in his basket? Put the eggs in bubbles basket.