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travel back in time, and you can almost hear the clinks of beer mugs and rousing chatter echoing off the old stone walls, and the bones of that building remain buried under the dust of centuries. Men set fire to the castle, and in that dreadful inferno the worst possible travesties came to pass. All husbands killed their wives with josh. Leading by example, my father killed my brother. So these are these minutes of the Senate and Emden from 1571, we have a copy of them. So this is really a treasure. A very warm welcome to a very unique Bauhaus site. Here in the former royal stables of Don Bo Castles, you will experience the last bauhaus workshop still standing in its original site due to the encroachment of ice from the north and the glaciation of the alps. The paleo oxidant antiquities had to retreat further to the south of europe, where it died out during the vistula in glaciation, approximately 33,000 years ago. The elegant and powerful sword is the pinnacle of all blade implements, the culmination of blade making technology, though its construction is more complex, its role is far simpler than the ax or knife each only part time weapons. The sword is a killer through and through