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Voice over for an online video that describes a medical service company's method of helping their hospitals save money and provide a high level of safe service.

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Child (5-12)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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meet my brother Donny. I call him Donny Dirt. Oh, yeah, because Donnie find so many ways to get dirty and to get hurt. Swings, bikes, skateboards, trampolines out. I get it. For millions of kids like Donny and me, variability is the spice of life. But for you guys, the surgical teams who treat our injuries variability is one giant problem you see from the way you peri operative clinicians, clean your hands to your skin prep technique and from instrument care and handling in the o. R. Two processes in the SPD, variability is where stuff goes wrong, serious stuff, as in immediate threats toe life. And it's how nasty things like healthcare associated infections, get their start. Yeah, serious yak. This variability business is also really, really expensive, like $9.8 billion a year, expensive from healthcare associated infections alone. $9.8 billion. But B D has a special program that may help you reduce variability and the chances of infections as a result of surgery. BD calls it power and prevention. And while it won't prevent Donny dirt from jumping out of a tree and breaking a leg, power and prevention can help you get variability under control. They'll never get me under control. B D has looked at 28,000 operating room procedures in more than 1000 hospitals and what they came up with. You should definitely know that is, if you're interested in patient safety, reducing surgical delays and lowering costs, BD will send a team to your hospital that could do what they call the three R's Review report. Resolve Review report Resolve. It's their way of letting you know what you're doing. Well, what you could do better and how you can start using B D Solutions and Hor An and Amy Best practices to help reduce infections and costs from pre op hair removal and skin. Prep to the post up instrument care and handling too inefficient processes that cause you headaches every day. Beedies solution can help, and I let you in on a little secret. Since they started doing this, B D has helped reduce skin prep variability alone by an average of 20%. Wow, that's Gold Star stuff. Want to learn more? Just ask the nice people at BT how you can use the power in prevention and tell them me and Dani Dirt sent you. Yeah,