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This is a short excerpt from a Christmas Novel containing a dialogue between male and female characters.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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are you serious? You told them that each time you hadn't spent christmas with them you were with me. What was I supposed to do? Lie? Yes. If it keeps people from getting the wrong idea about us the wrong idea. He watches as I pace around Alex. Seriously, I want to know exactly what you've told your family about me. I can't breathe. Hey, he takes my face in his hands. Why are you reacting like this? I told you that no matter what they think about you, you're my priority. Why? He looks at me surprised because I invited you. You're my friend. I've been spending my christmases with you for years and I don't want to see you so stressed out and to answer your question, I told them that I spent the last few christmases with you but I refused to reveal to them anything more about our relationship. Seriously. You can say whatever you want that I'm crazy about you, that I proposed to you that I've loved you since the first day we met take your pick. You're so ridiculous. I say while leaning into his chest, We're about five miles away from his parents. When he turns to me with a smile, I may have accidentally mentioned once that I slept in the same bed as you accidentally. How so Well it was when my mom got a call from the hotel where we stayed at last year had left a small bag behind and when the owner wanted to return it to me, she found my mother's business card inside. She mentioned that I was with my girlfriend and when my mom asked me about the friend I was sharing a room with, I told her it was you Katie. I think she assumed that we were also sharing the same bed and I didn't bother correcting her thanks. And now they're going to think that I'm sleeping with you and that bothers you. Of course it bothers me because because it's not true. Oh, he gives me a questioning pout. What? You have a theory about it? No, I just thought that the idea of sleeping with me, even if it was a lie would have been more of an honor, why do I feel like this is going to be a really long weekend? I'm afraid you might be right Alex barely has the chance to park the car before his sister comes rushing towards him, throwing her arms around him. I can't believe you're here. You know, I can't say no to you, you look good. Thanks. Works treating me well. I stay at a distance, but Christine approaches me. Hi, you must be Katie. I'm Christine ever since that I'm using for his conversation we had, I've been dying to meet you. Me too. I respond leaving out the part about how I would have been fine with putting it off a little longer was the drive okay? His mother asks while eyeing me up and down from afar Alex comes over to introduce me to his parents, they shake my hand politely, but without any real warmth. Go ahead, he says, I'll get the bags, I've prepared the blue room for you if you want to get settled in. Christine will show you the way says his mother, Christine invites me to follow her and I discovered that the room has a double bed. I wonder if it's really only intended for me, but I don't dare touch on the subject. Alex comes in with my suitcase and gives me a wink in response to my look of embarrassment. What did I tell you Alex is something wrong? Christine asks. Katie prefers waiting until after the marriage. Before sleeping together. The marriage, Christine exclaims, taking Alex seriously Great! His mother is standing at the doorway Alex, is that true? She inquires with a concerned look. She doesn't seem to be too excited. Of course not, I yell out, panicked Alex, stop messing with everyone. Sorry mom, I was just teasing Katie, we aren't sleeping together and she's too embarrassed to talk about it, I'll take my old room! Oh! His mother exclaims confused, I thought Alex looks at me sheepishly. Well, I tried. What's gotten into him? Is he purposely trying to annoy his mother, Christine looks at him sternly and here, I thought you had grown up, she immediately bursts out into laughter. Mom calm down, you know Alex, Katie, don't worry, my brother has always been an idiot