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The traffic sign facing me always makes me smile. Even though I'm only three hours from home, it feels like light years away from my daily life. Going back to my hometown isn't easy, perhaps because I could never find my place there. I remember that even when I was 10, I dreamed of the day I'd leave. The closer I get to the roundabout leading downtown, the more I feel like turning around and taking the road in the opposite direction. My pact with Amy and Allison, my two best friends dissuades me. Though I'm here to accomplish a mission and I must keep my word. I have no attachments in this town anymore. After my father's death, my mother bought a residence on a sunny island and she spends her time taking cruises with other retirees or playing bridge and other fashionable card games. So much the better because my mother and I have a stronger relationship when there is a certain distance between us. She'd never approve of my reason for being here today. I booked a room at the swan, a lovely establishment right in the city center. I walk into the warmly lit lobby and immediately feel at home, although it has all the amenities of a modern establishment, even a pool, Having only 10 rooms makes you feel more a guest than a client. I've never been here. The hotel is quite new, but I understand all the positive comments. It has a warm, welcoming vibe. After taking my suitcase upstairs and calling the girls to tell them I've arrived. I prepared to confront my lifelong nemesis. Solange, even her name grates on my nerves, her mother thought it would be chic to give her daughter a french sounding name. Who is Solange? And why is she worth returning to kensington? Years after leaving town. Truth be told she shouldn't matter. And yet she still haunts me so much. So that when my friend Amy came up with the idea of my day consisting of facing a person who has harmed us in the past, I immediately thought about her. She annoyed me throughout her youth, which I could've forgiven. But stealing Simon from me just before the end of year. High school ball cemented my bad feelings toward her. I didn't react back then. She wasn't worth it. And neither was he. The problem is that even though many years have passed, I still feel some tingling bitterness in my stomach when I think back on that summer and how I pretended that seeing them together didn't kill me only to go home and lock myself in my room to cry. I should have done something. I owed it to myself if I hesitated to come back here. It wasn't because I'm afraid of confronting Solange. On the contrary, it's simply that it's much easier to let old memories lie. I prefer to move on without looking back. But Amy wouldn't let me forget. I'd promised to act so here I am, making faces in front of the mirror of my hotel room. I checked my asymmetrical white top and light blue pants one last time and I smile satisfied with my appearance. I'm ready for a tater Tate. I foresee becoming explosive. I've always been combative, which makes the way I reacted that some are even more difficult to understand. Fortunately having to fight in my professional life. I run a law firm specializing in real estate, gave me more confidence after giving my long dark hair one last comb through with my fingers, I decide I'm ready salon jones. A beauty salon in the most commercial artery of the city. However, I don't intend to visit her at work. I'm going to see her at home that way. Our discussion will be less likely to echo throughout the city In a matter of minutes I take the stairs, a little exercise can't hurt. And 10 minutes later I'm walking down the path leading to the main entrance of her house, which is unsurprisingly in an exclusive neighborhood. The house is quite impressive, with its bay windows and luxurious garden. There's even a pond in several orange trees. A family of 10 would live here and never have to meet with each other. Her parents were quite wealthy and offered her the house after she graduated from high school. They never said no to her. She always had whatever she wanted and trust me, you could tell staring at the wooden door. I take a fortifying breath before ringing the bell. The man who opens the door isn't familiar. He seems straight out of a male fashion catalog, his bright blue eyes and tasseled chocolate hair makes for a striking combination. He could use a shave, but he probably knows the slight shadow on his face isn't hurting. His looks one bit. His jeans and T shirt do nothing to hide his athletic body. My gaze lingers for a moment too long and his smug smile tells me he noticed I pull myself together. Hello, I'm looking for Solange Carlton and you are her guardian angel. I have no idea why I responded so foolishly. His self satisfied air brought out the petulant teenager in me. Holy mackerel! Is she an olympic gymnast? I mumbled to myself while chewing on the end of my pencil with teeth marks not along the edge. Now that just looks painful. I wasn't aware you could bend like that without distorting at least one muscle in your body. I wonder if she's a contortionist because that's not natural. No woman should be able to bend like that. I certainly can't bend like that. After straining my eyes away from the sweat producing visual in front of me, I had a few key pointers on the brunettes, backbreaking position. To my extensively documented notepad. My neighbor whom I've nicknamed archer has been entertaining his most recent guest for the past hour and a half. This type of entertaining is nothing new for archer He has a new bed companion, a minimum of 3- four times a week. Although the women I've seen him with are undoubtedly gorgeous. They don't have an intellectual bone in their entire body. Well, that's my personal assumption, considering I've never met my mysterious neighbor or his bevy of bed companions, I can't give a fair opinion on the capacity of their brain power. So instead I'm callously judging a book by its cover because even with me knowing every precise detail of archers, well formed physique, we are perfect strangers. How do I know this if we've never met? I've been stalking him relentlessly over the past six weeks. My mysterious spirited neighbor lives in a glass house perched on the edge of brontes peak with his bathroom, the only room finished with sturdy walls, every detail of his life is on display for all to see Like one big performance for the prying eyes of strangers. For people like me. I was desperate on the verge of a nervous breakdown and very close to missing an important deadline. When I spotted archer for the first time ever since that night my life changed. He approaches me and puts his arm around my shoulders. You drive me crazy sometimes, but I love you and I can't imagine my life without you. You can be yourself without fear that our relationship will suffer. I promise you, I rest my cheek on his chest and breathe in his familiar scent. It's so easy to feel like I belong in his arms. I always feel protected. But when our eyes meet for the first time in an eternity. A sense of impending danger of admitting my feelings overwhelms me. So I pull away from his arms, jump up and say in an unusually loud voice, you can't predict what would happen if we were in love and our relationship failed. Of course I can. I'll never let anything destroy our friendship. Seeing that I remain silent, he continues. I see what the problem is. As crazy as it seems. You started to wonder what what are you talking about? I'm talking about the blogs influence on you. I was joking until now but I can see in your eyes that you started to think about us differently? That you started wondering if we could be more than friends? You were influenced by the blog and maybe by lilly's comments during the karaoke evening too. I'm so relieved to hear him uttering such a twisted version of the truth that I turned to him with an exaggerated expression of relief. Oh my God. Tyler, you've guessed everything lately. I can't think of anything else. I can't stop thinking that I need to have you. I need to know how it feels to be in love with your best friend. He squints, looking at me with amusement. Do you remember what I said about friends and how they can rate each other. Don't try to bluff me. I know I'm right. Our story hit too close to home and now you wonder if there could be more than friendship between us. I opened my eyes wide and false admiration. I can't believe it. You've got everything figured out absolutely everything. What can I do now to hide my feelings? Seriously? What can I do? You could start by succumbing. He says, especially now that you know, I'll never let our romantic relationship destroy our friendship. Besides, you know me, I never say no to a beautiful woman. And we've already established that you're curious to know why so many women find me irresistible. Oh no. Please don't complicate the task anymore with such romantic declarations. You can see that I'll never be able to resist you. If you continue like this. Can you imagine continues Chloe in a singsong tone? I repeat. You have to read it If that person was inspired you. Maybe two. It's not that I don't like Tyler, I was sure you would end up together, but he has to realize that you're his perfect match. And while waiting for this to happen, this blog can help you better manage your relationship. Khloe What? I can't be inspired by this blog. Why have you read it? I promise that you'll feel like it was written for you or by me. She stares at me without saying a word for a few seconds before jumping up and exclaiming, What are you making fun of me, Khloe lower your voice please. Yes, I know it's ridiculous. But last night after seeing Tyler with Chiana I had a moment of weakness. The three glasses of champagne I had during the evening. Plus the martini I added when I got home. Surely didn't help. Chloe sits down and stares at me for a long moment before she covers her face with her hands and burst out laughing. My God, Ella. I don't know how I didn't notice it right away. It was all you now I see that all the situations described correspond perfectly to your experiences. But I could have never imagined it was you because I can't believe it. It's incredible. Khloe. I hope you know that this has to stay between us and you have to help me erase all traces of this blog, erase it. Ella. You can't be serious, you can't erase it. It has already helped this woman say goodbye to her feelings for her best friend. It wasn't my intention