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TV Spots for Olive, Chicco, Pledge, SuperStroke, Backstreet Boys, Bic.

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Who cares that frontline healthcare workers are overworked and overwhelmed? Olive cares. That's why she's putting her AI skills to work, automating time consuming tasks, making sure payments are being authorized, minimizing redundancies and creating better work. Life balance. We wondered how much life would change with Jackson, but we always knew the experiences we shared together when he was young would shape the person he becomes the famous family rocking chair. You promised Grandma you'd put it in the baby's room, but now it's given everyone the creeps. You're going to have to do something in this exact moment, V to gain the confidence that would one day help him become the first in his family to attend university. On June 6th, 100% of coffee purchases at will help send kids from low income homes to camp by a coffee change a life. When you watch golf, you see super stroke putter grips everywhere. The best players in the world trust the feel and performance of our advanced traction material, and now it's in a club grip. Backstreet Boys. Larger than life The Vegas residency on sale now at the Axis at Planet Hollywood, Backstreet boys larger than life. Get your tickets now. New big velocity, quick, dry gel pens. Yeah. Vivid colors that spark your creativity. Yeah, and with smooth, flowing ink that drives up to three times faster for less miracle What you've created Stays created big velocity, Quick, dry. The smear stops here.