Character and natural voices, child through elderly

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Megan Grant, Theis party just for you. You see, I heard you renew. And if you're new, you might not have any friends yet. If you don't have any friends yet, you must be a way that made me so sad until like that, I'll throw a great, big, ginormous, super duper spectacular party. And now you have bloods and lots of friends. They're not wraps, given their anatomical, similarly toe, a rack niche and squirrels, I have being them. Squatters patent pending. All right, class, we only to be very polite for our special guest. And there will be no blowing off noses on the desks. That means you, Timmy. OK? Oh, jeez. You think you've never seen a Bunyan before? But, Father, I don't want to just marry some prints. I want to follow my heart. I have a dream that one day I could be a dentist. And what do you get when you take a bovine and divided circumference by its diameter? By I told you if it didn't work this time, I would destroy you. You're irritating. Smile suggests to question my conviction to follow through. This recording will self destruct in 321