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MedUSA 1 Minute Demo Video

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This is a one minute instructional video for medical software. Real person, informative, believable, excited, engaging, friendly, empathetic, helpful, approachable, sincere, articulate, and corporate.

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Welcome to your demo of charting in the med. Use a e m r to begin. I'll show you what the Emma or nurse will enter into the patient's chart before the provider sees the patient. This'd the daily patient list where I can see if the patient has been checked in what room they're in and why they're being seen today. I'm now going to enter the progress note as an M. A or nurse. I'm going to review the patient's demographic information in medical history. Here on the left hand side, I'll update the medical history here to make sure its current for the provider to review. Now that the history has been updated, I'm going to upload a template that will fill out most of every section, including the chief complaint mhm toe update. Each section you'll click on the gray bar, as you can see here in the vital section, I'm now saving my information and leaving the charts so the provider can begin their charting on this screen. I'm a provider reviewing my daily patient list. I'm going to go into the patient chart and begin my charting here. I can review all of the patients, active medications, medical history in social history. Before I begin charting as I scroll down in the progress note that has been mostly filled out due to the template, I'm going to fill out the HP I by clicking the gray bar. Theo Roos can also be filled out by any intake option where the patient can fill out that data. Elektronik Lee, on their own device a zai scroll Further down I can review has been filled out and go into each section to update. I'm now going to submit a lab ordered that has the option of being sent Elektronik Lee. Once I have confirmed that my charting is completed, I'll close the note and it will be ready to be sent out for billing. Thank you for watching our video. Please reach out to us at www dot med U. S. A. R c m dot com for more information