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I'm not sure how this thing got into the house. It's clearly not the house cat is cain one of those guys who tries to keep tame tigers in the house after binge watching the tiger king. If so, the filth might make more sense. Is keeping an exotic animal. Even legal in Duluth. I really don't know. In a fight between this monster and the golden doodle I saw outside, the poor dog would barely serve as an appetizer. Relax. Gemma animals can smell fear. I take a deep breath and stand upright, crossing my arms and glaring right back. Then I loom over it and wag my finger in its majestic face. If I'm going to go down, at least I'll go down swinging. I'll have you know that I'm the new housekeeper, I'm the lady who's going to clean your litter box so you'd better watch your tone. The other ear flattens to its head. No, no, no, no, no. It's official. Kane has made a pact with the devil and this beast is his man. Which familiar warlock, familiar, whatever. I'm trying to decide my next course of action. Salt circle holy water. When a man appears in the far door, genghis, he asks, what's going, oh, he spots me and stops dead in his tracks. Well, at least I'm not worried about the cat now. The man's damp blonde hair is plastered to his forehead, still fresh from the shower and he's stark naked. Let's just say that his cat isn't the only thing that's bigger than expected. Um Hello? I say, forcing my eyes up away from his groin. They make it about halfway up his chest, but I'm only human. The man has a literal apex. Why does he have to be so huge, so chiseled, so damn delicious. Now I know what he asked for in his deal with the devil. I've never seen a guy who looked this good outside of an advertisement and everyone knows that they airbrushed the heck out of those things, which is have extra nipples. Right? I checked him over just to make sure no, no flaws. Not that I can see at least at last I make eye contact only to be greeted by the smug grin of a man who has just been effect by a digna ties woman. My face heats up, but I refuse to look away. Instead. I say, I'm gemma, you must be cain. Mhm. Instead of running to grab a towel, he smirks and leans against the door frame and I see that you've encountered genghis khan already. I trust he didn't scare you too bad. The talking cat, you mean a gesture to the creature whose ears have perked back up, yep, we've met. If he's too much for you, I can lock him in one of the back rooms, cain says he's friendly, but I know size can freak people out. I lift one eyebrow. I'm fine. I don't scare easily, especially not by size. Cool, keen smile widens. In that case, go nuts. I'm hosting a party tonight and the place needs all the help it can get any rooms you'd like me to focus on or avoid in the interest of time. That is, I do my best to maintain a casual tone, despite the fact that my libido, which has been dormant since the last time brad and I split, has slammed back into my lonely **** and it's buzzing.