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Video Sales Letters (VSL's): Authentic , Authoritative , Believable , Confident , Friendly , Genuine , Informative , Instructional , Narrator , Newscaster , Professional , Salesperson , Sincere , Soothing , Sophisticated , Warm

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Video Sales Letters (VSL's)

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Hi, I'm Dan Logan, and this is my dog, Baxter. Baxter just celebrated his 16th birthday, which is incredibly rare for Bernese mountain dogs, who typically live for only eight years. And as you keep watching this video, you're going to see the startling reason why my vet recently told me Baxter will probably live to be at least 22 years old. My wife divorced me after a 12 foot crocodile bit my leg off. And the strange thing is, two months later I had mawr hot, perky and insatiable college coeds trying to sleep with me. Then I knew what to do with high. My name is Kenneth Poehlman, and today you're about to find out a diabetes breakthrough that I almost ended up in jail for discovering. You'll realize the shocking reason why everything you know about managing diabetes is dead wrong. Still here. That's okay. I know that we covered a lot of stuff in his presentation and that you may still have some questions about what you saw to make things easier for you. I'll go ahead and take a few seconds now to answer some of the most common questions people ask me about the weight destroyer program. By the time I first got onto tender, I was already pretty good with girls. I'd spent years approaching women in bars, nightclubs, shopping malls and everywhere else, and knew how to meet them. Wherever I encountered them. I never thought my acid reflux would lead to cancer. And yet there are laid in the hospital, my fifth visit in just two months. The doctor stuffed a tube into my throat while a laser painfully burned away. The cancer cells lining my esophagus high. My name is Eric Prader. In the next four minutes, you'll find out about the shocking new research from the Harvard School of Public Health, proving that eating high fibre foods like vegetables and fruits is one of the fastest ways to increase your chances of getting colon cancer. Alzheimers, Diabetes and Mawr. Hey, it's Michael Run again. Give me just a few more seconds and you'll discover a free method to save $150 or more on your insurance premiums every month. This video that you're watching right now is an added bonus for being a software member with us just for purchasing this software, you will receive lottery Winners Digest on a weekly basis. Hey, it's Alexander Lynch. I have, ah, highly urgent video for you today and you do not want to miss this as a way of saying thank you for your investment in memory Healer. You're now qualified to receive an exclusive Unadvertised bonus valued at $79. But yours today Absolutely free. Will you make this life or death mistake? When cold blooded killers attack, the clock flashes to 21 a. M. You jolt awake to the sound of a gun going off beside you. Your wife screams in agony as blood pours down her face. I want to congratulate you for purchasing a socks. Nine. In a few short days, you'll be turning the clock back on your sex life and getting back to enjoying the firm long lasting erections you had when you were 25. But I have got even better news. You've been lied to imagine the outrage you've just bought an expensive joint relief supplement from your local health store. You hope it will finally help. But after taking it for weeks, you find out the pills are actually fake