Mhairi Morrison - Commercial Demo Reel

Television Ad


Warm, friendly, conversational, upbeat, narrator, authentic. English (British)

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) Scottish (General)


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There's some new friends coming to next, junior to their magical, but they're not magicians. They're always exploring, but they're not explorers on. They love to dance, but they're not dancers. So what are they? I know they're fairies Join Harmony, Rhapsody and All the gang on their fan fairy tastic adventures in our brand new show, The Fairies. The new wheels were just one of the problems that led to a 200 kilometre per hour crash that killed 101 Passengers. Find out exactly what happened in the moments before the derailment. Watch Seconds from Disaster Tonight at nine on National Geographic Channel, and everyone's hero, Uncle Unravel, who works in the movies because his voice was like gravel and all the way from Germany, Liechtenstein, Stan and Marlon McMullen, who you couldn't understand. And Jonathan Jolly was Julie all day. Let's not forget Shadrack, who was awfully *** but remembering their names, made Johnny Rial queasy, so he called them all Dave just to keep it all easy. Revital left from L'Oreal Paris because you're worth it