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Michael Davis does his first narrations demo!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US Upper Midwest - Fargo, Minnesota)


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Iceland is full of wonder. Just take three new cook eager the Onley volcano on Earth, where you can actually walk around the inside. Or what about Blue Lagoon Thea Outdoor Geothermal Spa that's famous for its healing powers? And, of course, the Northern lights visible in Iceland for over half the year? Picking the perfect stock can be tricky. Even when the market goes up, some stock goes down. That's why E. T. S are so popular among investors short for exchange traded fund e d EFS track the movement of an entire stock index. So if you think the Singapore Stock Exchange is about to go up, you can purchase an S T i E t f and benefit from that rise. When we think about wolves, we don't often think of the word loyalty. But within the animal kingdom, that is one of their defining traits. For instance, when a male wolf finds a female may, they usually stay with them for life, and they would do anything to protect their pack, sometimes even sacrificing themselves to keep the other safe. It was the day of the great contest, and serve. Belvidere was full of fear, victory over, Sir Chancellor would mean a fast track to the monarchy. But defeat would mean death. And as if his nerves weren't enough, there would be a special audience in attendance his mother and two brothers cheering like it was a middle school football match. Dow! Get up, Barry, his mother cried. Do it for your mother.