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This is a snippet from a 350 page book (16 hours) I just finished called Never Surrender. This part is about the real life rescue of Kurt Muse from a Panamanian prison by US Special Forces. He is thanking the men who risked their lives to save him.

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I walked him over to the first gurney and introduced him to the sergeant who had been shot in the chest. Muse reached down and took the sergeant's hand in both of his big mitts. There's no way I can ever thank you for giving me my life back. His voice was thick with emotion around him. The other operators smiled. One by one, he circled the room, stopping and thanking each man personally, always taking one of their hands in both of his. Again and again, his message was the same. His gratitude was beyond anything he could put into words. You being here like this says it all, said Earth told him. Now go and have a good life. As I watched, Muse stepped back and looked at them all, lying there, wounded for him. I could see that he was about to break down, but he collected himself enough to force out one last message. I love you guys. I'll never forget you. And he hasn't Every year on December 20 the anniversary of his 1989 rescue, my telephone rings. When I pick up the phone, Kurt Frederick Muse says, Hey, Jerry, I just want to thank you again for saving my life. Then we chat a while, but not for too long, because Kurt has a bunch of other phone calls to make.