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I sometimes spend hours watching the river near my house flow by, always wondering from when she flows. What wild things must that water have seen along the way, from its journey down from the snow covered mountains to the rocks before my feet when I was a wee child, I used to ride my bike. The door into the foothills are in my home. I knew every stone, every tree, every rise and hollow. Those trails never seemed quite long enough, though, and I used to dream that they could go on forever. As I grew older, there was always a new horizon to chase. The trail's grew longer and my thirst for discovery grew stronger. The bicycle became the perfect vehicle to chase trails around the globe. The mountains have a way of drawing in the cold, the rain both beautiful and brutal. They're an essential part of leaving the familiar behind and entering the realm of the living world. There's something magical about riding unknown trails. The body reacts to subtle changes in the land. Before the conscious mind becomes aware, the lines between man machine and nature become blurred, all mashed together in endless floor