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Life is good in Lucas County. If you're Harry Bar lows because just like his Carly great cast, he traveled to Hawaii in Florida at taxpayers expense. When you vote, think about who's better off in Lucas County, you or Harry, Barlow says. Republicans want to turn their backs on Michigan seniors. The same Republicans who support Jerome Burns even tried to cut Medicaid and nursing home funding. Mary Hopkins won't discuss the issues. He says he doesn't have to. Larry Hopkins says he won't debate. He says he doesn't have the time. If you want a tough, proven prosecutor as judge and criminal District court, you want Tim Elders, a proven prosecutor. Ed Kings opponent wants to come play judge and Feral County Common Pleas Court. Trouble is, he is not qualified and has no judicial experience. If ballot measure five passes on November 6th, it will severely slash state prison funding. And that will be like handing the cons keys ballot measure five. What it would do to our prisons is a crime, Bob Harris said. He'd work hard for us, but he lied. Harris failed to pass a single bill during his first term. Not one bill he was ranked the least effective lawmaker in the state. Bobby Just Lynn knows a state income tax is wrong for Tennessee, and he knows you can't spend more than you already have. Bobby Joscelin proven leader We need Bob Franks is desperate. The National Review calls Frank's attacks insulting and dishonest. You have a clear choice on crime. Law enforcement groups choose Ron Coleman, endorsed by the combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas. A problem solver, not a career politician, Kevin Gully for Congress.