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I have been told by several professionals that I have a great voice for audiobooks so this one page of a novel titled: Poppe Culture. I edited the recording

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by the fifth ring. I was thinking it was my ex wife. She's the only person I know who would let it ring that long. I thought about it while the phone went for rings six and seven nope wasn't her. She only called when I was late on my alimony payment and that didn't happen until after I turned in my column and didn't get paid. I figured I had 10 days until I'd get her call by the 10th ring. I knew I had to get it because Guantanamo was waking up and if he answered it, who knows what might happen. I reached up behind me and grabbed the receiver off the Wall Hook. Yeah. I still had a phone on a wall hook. Thought about getting a mobile but since you can't ride and talk I just didn't see the point. I grabbed the receiver and mumbled into it. The first try I had the thing upside down. I told you I was tired, I got it right the second time skid steer, I mumbled again. Skids. Is that you? His voice was frantic and high pitched but I still recognized it. It was Bernie. Yeah. Bernie at skids. Skids. It's me. Bernie. Bernie was never that quick on the uptake but he was a good guy.