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Crowdfunding campaign for new sunglasses line for men.

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the market today is flooded with overpriced plastic sunglasses, stale designs, cheap lenses and uncomfortable frames. Popular brands have been mass producing the same styles for over 30 years. We sought to create something more special and started by reimagining your classic everyday shades. We began developing designs out of our workshop in San Francisco and brought these to the only place in the world that could bring our designs to life. Japan. A manufacturing culture known for precision for liability and durability. Where production is truly art, the Japanese have a saying show cleaning, which means mastery of one's craft way. Journey to a small coastal town 300 miles outside of Tokyo, a region notorious for exports soared, making since the 14th century. Craftsman here have also been producing high end optical frames for decades. This place is home to the first pair of titanium frames ever created Way partnered with a team of master craftsman, and a year ago we went toe work