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This is an excerpt from a client who wanted a fast, upbeat and quirky storytelling style.

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This is an Amazon pygmy marmoset named Victor, and he's mad at you. Yes, you. So what does Victor the pygmy marmoset, a rapidly expanding airline, an international big wave surfing star and a process agent provider called Service Biz have to do with you? The Amazon pygmy marmoset is officially the smallest monkey in the world, but Victor is also officially the cutest little snookums in the world. Okay, that last part's not technically official, but it's totally true. Anyway, Victor is heartbroken because he was separated from his beloved partner, Lydia, and their kids after his zookeeper lost a bar bet with some rich blowhard airline tycoon Boo. Meanwhile, you're in your office and you've got 24 hours to complete a loan agreement for your clients. New fleet of beauty liners. But you need a process, agent stat. But what the heck is a process? Agent Boring. So while Victor the marmoset is pining away in a tiny cage at that rich blowhard airline tycoon's house in ***** Hermosa, you call some random process agent that's not service biz anyway. They take way too long to send their acceptance. The funding of your loan is delayed. Your client has to push back the launch of the new fleet. All of the first weeks flights are canceled. Your whole team is fired, your reputation is ruined. And the only job you can find is scooping the poop out of a bunch of animal cages at some rich blowhard airline tycoon's house in ***** Hermosa. Wait, you guys are still here. Service biz is faster, smarter and speaks more languages. Now get out of here. Go to the website already.