Halloween Character Voices



Check out this array of different Halloween character voices!

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (General)


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and we're back. It's get my radio concocting the magic for you. Live from the unknown silence of bear cave sound booths with another, hair raising, jaw dropping, spine tingling episode of the Ultimate Voice over Survivor. Take three enter if you dare. It's that frightfully fun time of year. Hello Eve is almost here. Listen the howling time appears. Oh the horrors. The fears hide the Children. U. V. O. S hauntings are near one special magic night. Thousands of voicing pumpkins shining bright, sharing sweet treats and voice delights to win. U. V. O. S. Take three and end the fight. The best imaginations in the air. V. O. Atlanta 2023 be there. Yes, so my broomstick, I shall slide. I'll take a bite, watch my stride. Let's round up this audition on my mic. I ride sharing sacred moments. We are on your side. I'll be taking my bounty on this tide. The howling moon shall be my guide. Today's a special day. We do so hope you'll stay and witness all the play while shouting out. Fine, stop in for a spell haunting. We will go pick your poison. You'll do very well create your own magic. It'll be fantastic. Let the ghoul time