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This is the retail sample for \"The Time Pedaler\" by Micheal Maxwell. The voice is of a teenage boy narrating the story.

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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I made my way to the basement, something he had just replaced the crystals in the machine. I only took two extras in my backpack. The nervousness of my first couple trips was gone. Now I just set the latitude and longitude and started pedaling. I decided that I didn't want to miss anything the day of the surrender. So I set the date and time for the afternoon before Saturday, April 8th 18 65. The excitement of actually picking a destination and time and history was giving me a whole new set of butterflies in my stomach. What if I really got to see Robert E. Lee or Ulysses S. Grant? I tried not to think of the possibilities and just pedalled the part of the trip that I didn't like was the spacey, weightless feeling that comes just it. The point of traveling through time. I have never liked to be dizzy, and there was that moment on every trip. So far, I have felt like I would throw up the machine landed on the edge of a grove of birch trees. Several of the trees have been cut down and stripped of their branches. Piles of branches had been stacked up on the path leading from the grove. I pushed the machine off to the side of the piles and used some of the longest and leafy is branches to cover the machine. It was nearly dark, and as I stood on the edge of the meadow, quietly listening, I could hear the sound of someone playing aurally on harmonica off to my right, A friend of my dad's told me it's where Elvis got the idea for love. Me tender across the meadow to the east, I could see the flickering of campfires through the trees. One way was the Union Army and the other the Confederates. I had no idea which way to go. Suddenly I heard a thunderous roar of sound coming from the woods towards me, not knowing which way to turn. I ran back and crouched down behind the pile of branches. Next to my machine is the sound grew louder and closer. I realized it was the hooves of horses approaching at a gallop with an explosive rush of horsepower. Men and dark blue uniforms came writing out of the trees. 456 big horses and riders came into the meadow. The man in front of the group raised a white gloved hand and the horses came to a stop. The Rebs main camp is over there next to that orchard. I don't believe they came through here. The man shouted, Miller, you and Carson go through there. The rest of you come back around with me. Do not engage the enemy. If fired upon run, Grant will have our height. If we start a battle, we are just supposed to chase off any stragglers Understood as suddenly as they appeared, the horsemen rode off into the trees on the far side of the meadow. I waited for several minutes, then moved toward the campfires. As I got closer, I could see groups of men sitting around the fires somewhere, smoking somewhere talking, and some were just staring into the fire. Their rifles were standing in groups that look like Teepees without skins or leaning next to them on the logs where they sat. The camp was very quiet now, far from the edge of the trees. Two centuries stood talking. Neither noticed me. As I entered the camp. There was a path that divided the camp into two sections. Tents were set up on the left side, and several dozen camp fire spread across the wide meadow cast orange light onto the hundreds of men camped around them. Off to the right was the fruit orchard. The union officer had spoken off. About 20 horses were tied to a rope strung between two trees. Several wagons were parked end in making a kind of wall against the trees. Apart from everything else, and sitting in a cleared area was a large tent that seemed to glow from light. Inside this must be generalise tent in front of the tent were several armed centuries. Unlike the others in the camp, these men were alert and focused. They did not talk to each other, and they constantly scanned the camp. I stood as tall as I could and walk to the far side of the tent and approached it from the back. As I got closer, I noticed a large fire and several men who were not wearing uniforms behind the tent over the fire and animal was cooking on a huge barbecue spit, and a boy younger than me was turning the handle that made it rotate. Two long tables were set up just beyond the fire pit area. It seemed to me that these people would be the most approachable. As I approached the group, I could see that all the workers around the fire were black. A tall, thin man with a thin beard seemed to be in charge as I neared the fire.