Contemporary, Upbeat, Authority, WIDE Range, Flexible, Directable, And A Great Human Being. Honest, Sincere, Caring. From HARD Sell to Soft Sell, And Anything In-Between. Mike Weiner is a Joy to work with.

Mike Weiner's voice has been described as upbeat, contemporary, authoritative, sensitive, etc. My training has taught me to be copy-directed, rather than actor-directed... meaning the words on the page are more important than my superimposing myself.

My job is to get into the writer's head, and tell the story the way the writer intended it.

Here's what one studio owner had to say about a recent audition:

"They sound good! You always make it hard to choose the "best" one... Thanks so much for doing this. When I haven't heard your voice
in a while I realize how much I miss your talent from the day to day stuff I deal with."

-Brad Smiley

Another testimonial comes from a VP of a major IT company:

"I have known Mike Weiner for the past 9 years in both a personal and professional capacity. Mike is the consummate marketing professional, he knows how to drive business to a company through words and images -- he KNOWS how to get results! Personally, Mike is a great human being who donates his time and talent selflessly to his friends and to the community. He really is a class act!" --George Glaros

And a recent client of mine said:

"I am highly impressed - not just with Mike Weiner's talent as a voice-over artist; that's obvious - but also with his tremendous creativity and the lightening speed at which ideas pop in his head. Working with Mike on our voice-over project was fun and entertaining, but more importantly, educational." -- Bhavesh Naik

Characters created specifically for a role are one of the fun parts of this work. If I have a picture of a character, I can create a voice for it.

As another of my clients said, when they hired me to record a script another performer did poorly on the read, "It seems sooner or later we end up using Mike Weiner. I don't know why we even tried another guy." - a producer at Lockheed Martin

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