Dangers for Dogs and Heat

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321 this apparatus bay at las Vegas Fire and rescue station one looked a little more like a doggy fashion show you could call it dogs strutting their stuff on the catwalk, but there was a serious side to this adorable gathering of dogs and their owners that is walking your pet outside in the heat is dangerous, possibly even deadly. 321 chief luis Molina of the city's Department of Public safety joined Las Vegas Fire and Rescue and councilman centric career to tell pet owners we really must stop and think before we head outside in the heat with our beloved pets. 321 Fire emergency staff received calls every day reporting either a dog being left outside, walked outside or left in a car. 32 one. And while these doggy duds were getting a lot of the attention at this press conference, it was the overall safety of our pets. That was the focus 321 okay as for walking your dog the morning is the best time. That's when pavement has had time to cool off overnight. It can remain dangerously hot well after the sun sets in the evening, even if you do have doggy booties on their feet, dogs, and of course it goes without saying kids should never be left in a hot car and if you intend to leave your pet outside and excessive heat, be prepared to answer for it. The City Council recently strengthened the laws to protect those pets. Yes. Mhm. Three 21 Our pets rely on us for everything gentle training, food, water, proper medical care and shelter. These are just the basics every day of the year. They are vital in the summer heat.