This is a short demo of a book i wrote.



I did all the voices that you heard in this recording. I will be adding more demos in the coming days and weeks. I'm really hoping that i can help bring someone's character to life, or a story to life.

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Gold Lion audio proudly presents Kingdom Society. The Black Hood written and read for you by Nathan helm. Prologue for thousands of years, magic has been used for good and evil. The elements of earth, ice, fire, lightning, water and stone were infused with magic from the beginning of time. Many people fought for power over the years to try and lay claim to different kingdoms across the land. The elder gods who have been the ones keeping balance in the universe for many years were faced with the choice of imprisoning one of their own due to his hunger and thirst for more and more power and control over all the universe and humanity. Before he was imprisoned though, he created an artifact known as the All Stone. This single diamond stone holds all the elemental magics of the world inside of itself and grants whoever wields it in measurable power beyond their wildest dreams. However, those who use the stone don't realize the one who created it, put a link in the stone so that whoever would use it would weaken the seal on his prison, hopefully freeing him someday so that he could rule over all the known universe forever. The elder gods found out about this eventually and so they made it their mission to seek out worthy wizards, warlocks and sorcerers who they would grant power to in hopes that these chosen magic users would create their own kingdoms and train the next generation to protect and serve it all started. Only a few 100 years after the dark god had been imprisoned that a man named joseph re Gorius Blackwood rise to fame in the kingdom of toasts are in, He made his name by protecting his kingdom as an assassin and a well known warlock of the time. All the Children of the kingdom wanted to be just like him and eventually joseph fell in love with a woman named Beth The elder gods recognized joseph as a leader and gifted him with a powerful black cloak that was infused with magic to help him complete his missions as an assassin. Better what the elder gods didn't realize is that the magic confused in the cloak was actually dark magic that the Dark elder God had tarnished it with before his imprisonment, hoping that whoever would be given the cloak would seek out the all stone and start the process on weakening his seal. One day the Kingdom of Sarin was attacked and joseph's wife was murdered in front of him by dark followers of malice. Joseph didn't understand why they would murder his innocent wife, but his rage started to cloud his judgment and he heard the black cloak start speaking to him in the whisper. My name is malice and I have a choice to offer you joseph didn't understand what was happening, but he let the voice continue to speak to him. What do you mean by a choice? I've been in prison for many years and I'm building an empire of followers to help free me from my prison. All I ask is that you kill for me and use the all stone. Divine more followers for me. And in return I offer you immortality broken and feeling destroyed from the loss of his wife. The elder gods watched as their champion of good fell to the clutches of malice. That day joseph murdered thousands of people all across the land, taking the all stone from place to place, using it to drain the seal that was holding malice. Every time that joseph killed, he felt a piece of his soul be ripped away from him but felt the need and hunger to kill more and more until eventually he was a shadow of his former self. For many years, joseph continued killing in malice name, joseph took the all stone and figured out how to do a soul bond, so that if he ever died somehow in this body, he would be able to leave the dimension of the all stone to find another body to inhabit and control. Eventually joseph found a victor who was able to take him down in the kingdom called targets. A man named Jaron Zane defeated him and took the all stone far away to a distant land hiding it. But of course, Jaren had no clue that joseph had performed the spell of linking his soul to the all stone. So when a wandering knight had come to that cave where the stone was hidden and fell to the power of the stone, joseph's soul was released and he took over the night's body with his new body, joseph called to his cloak and it came to him in a flash. This time joseph's eyes were red and his mind altered from the stone. And over the years he continued to take over body after body searching for the one true match he would need to be truly immortal. He finally was sure he knew the kingdom where the body he needed would be at. And so he would begin to torment the kingdom of targets for years to come. Continuing the war of Light against dark magic that would continue for many years. The story of joseph Gorius Black was no more and the story of the Black Hood had now begun chapter One Kingdom of targets. The High Council of targets was in the middle of planning a way to put an end to dark magic. In the ominous black hood, the evil dark sorcerer had been wreaking havoc on village after village and killing anyone who tried to stop him. The war of Light against dark magic had been going on for thousands of years now and the leader of the High Council Meridians, Ayn was doing her best to create a safe war Council meeting to strategize a plan. Meridian was the most beautiful woman in all of targets. She had long blonde hair that sparkled when the sunlight struck it. She had fair skin and crystal blue eyes that were as beautiful as the sea. Every man in targets would practically trip over his own feet when gazing upon her, especially her husband, Merrick Zane. He was the lucky man who got to have her mostly due to Meridians. Father Aryan, Vice Syrian, the former leader of the High council, making them a match at a young age. Meridian was 14 and Merrick was 16. When they were Wed. Merrick had been bigger and stronger than everyone his age and excelled in both combat and magic. He was practically a man when he was 16, with a full grown beard and long locks of fire burnt hair. That wasn't the reason that Meridian loved him though she loved him because of how kind and gentle he was for someone of his menacing size and nature. He was as gentle as a mother with her child as they grew their bond of love. Throughout the years they ended up with two wonderful Children, A girl named Cinderella and a boy named Goliath. Both Children excelled very quickly in their growth with magic and combat. Thanks to the powerful and wise, I lock Gray, guiding them through it all since they had shylock. They even were excelling faster than their parents had and shocking the entire council with their growth. Zay lock was the oldest and most trusted friend and advisor to both american meridians. No one truly knew how old shylock was only that he had been head sorcerer and advisor to the old council members before Aryan had led the council well over 100 years ago, many people love Zilog, but some like to whisper about the old Craven that practiced his inhumane spells in his chamber because of the nature of some of the unnatural spells he created with dark magic. Many of the town folk would talk about him as if he were the villain of the town when really he was just trying to protect the village from threats. In one of his attempts to make a rebirth spell with dark magic, he ended up creating a talking raven which he named Cory Corey was a special raven. However, not only could he talk, but he could also transform himself into any animal creature or person. Most of the time Corey just remained, however, as shylocks, faithful talking raven. When the High council had found out of Xilinx tampering with dark magic, they locked him in a cell for over a fortnight until Meridian decided he should have learned his lesson since. Dark magic was punishable by death and targets Zyla got off with a pass, he was warned that if he was caught using dark magic again, there would be nothing to save him from a certain death. No matter how much he meant to the Children or Meridian, americ, Elias and Cinderella loved training with shylock because of how wise he was. They will be as good as you as I lock. Sir Elias said in due time, Little one in due time. If you continue listening and practicing what we go over each day, you and your sister will surpass even those of the Council. Xilinx voice had a low, almost gravelly tone to it, but it was a soothing as running water. He was able to put Elias in central both at ease, with only a few simple words, but it was mainly Elias who was the anxious one. Alright, Children! Time to go to the kitchen for supper. I have a high council meeting and I do believe if I'm late again, your father will kill me this time, Zay Lock chuckled and patted the Children on their little heads of hair as he looked over the Children. Mhm. He could see their sad begging eyes as if they'd lost a puppy. Oh ********! I suppose one more trick wouldn't hurt day. But we must not tell your mother I kept you from your supper. Deal! The Children shadowed with excitement, and with that zay lock snapped his fingers and vanished into thin air. Where did he go? Elias whispered so quietly, even his own sister could barely hear him. A voice echoed Elias question. I'm over here, both of the Children scattered around like busy rats trying to snuff out the mysterious whispered voice, but before they could even try and figure out what was going on, lilac appeared behind both of them, and with a booming voice shouted behind you. both Children jumped so high they could have touched the highest tree branch and targets. Goliath turned around and gave Zilliqa playful push. You scared us silo. That was still the best magic trick I've ever seen you do. When will you teach us alive? Asked curiously. Zyla, grand in due time, child. This is still a bit above your skill level. But when the time is right, I will make sure you have all the necessary skills you need to be a successful sorcerer. Now I've kept you long enough. It's time to run along and go to the kitchen and have your supper. I will be along later tonight to tell you a story before bed. The Children shouted with excitement as they scurried down the long corridor to the kitchen. Zilog smiled to himself as he watched them run off. These Children are going to be something special someday. A slight feeling inside of his body made his smile quickly fade. Knowing of the coming threat to targets. Had put the entire village on high alert and most of all meridians, she had told shylock recently to keep a closer eye on the Children because of the current threat to targets. Make sure they are with you at all times. Don't let them out of your sight except for the kitchen and latrine breaks. The threat against our kingdom is more real now than it has ever been before and I want them safe. I know I can trust you with this silo as you command, my lady. I will make sure this task is my highest priority. Elias pushed his sister playfully as they ran together down to the kitchen to eat their supper. Cinderella's long blonde hair swayed side to side, and she almost stumbled a little bit, not having expected her brother to push her. Watching Goliath, she said, she regained her balance. You almost pushed me over you, maybe three years younger than me, but you're still bigger? Yes, sorry, Sis Elias said, bashfully, feeling badly about almost pushing her over. Elias. Long red messy hair was long, slightly resembling his father, but his eyes were much bluer. You know, I'm going to be seven years old pretty soon. And when that happens, I bet shylock will teach me a new magic trick. Sandra laughed as her eyes narrowed a bit. Yeah, right, little brother. I'm nine and I still haven't gotten to learn how to do a teleporting spell. That's a lock. And our parents do. That's because you're a girl, Elias said, marking lee as he snickered. They want you to remain all pretty and girly. They don't want you learning the advanced magic until you come of age. I, however, in destined to be the next great warlock of the land. So they have to teach me. You're too funny, little brother, and I love you for it. Sandra smiled at her little brother, and she started to walk in front of him tauntingly. But you can't beat me to the kitchen though. Oh! Your own sister alive! Shouted with excitement as he shot past syndrome with his long legs and was hundreds of steps in front of her. Before she could even catch her breath. Elias got to the doors of the kitchen and was standing there with his hand on his hip, looking victorious and smug. See only he couldn't beat me in a race. I've always been faster than you. Cinderella stuck out her tongue and her brother, feeling a little envious. Well, that's only because you have longer legs than me, she said as she ruffled her brothers messy hair with her hand from how young you are. You sure have grown fast? I bet you'll even be taller than father. When you're all grown up, Sandra playfully pushed her brother inside the kitchen before entering behind him and closing the door. The halls of targets were long and tall. The many candles and torches that were let gave a glow to the dark halls. In the light you could see the towering figures that stood old statues of the former high council members dating back hundreds of years. As I approached the council meeting chamber, he could hear loud voices angrily shouting back and forth, but what they were saying was yet to be determined. Zay lock finally heard a familiar voice in Merrick Zane shouting enough. My wife will speak now Zyla laughed to himself, yep. That sounds like Merrick had to make sure everyone knew he still had the loudest voice in all the land. As I lock finally approached the door, he knocked loudly, making a booming echo through the hall. Who is it? Meridian asked. Its zay lock, my lady. And before Meridian could even say enter, he opened the twin doors and walked inside. How kind of you to grace us with your presence? And on time for once Merrick had an edgy tone to his voice, but a grim smile on his face as he looked at Zilog. Well, sir, I didn't want to take a chance of seed if you would actually kill me this time, for your Children's sake, Merrick boomed with laughter. Don't worry, my friend, you're safe for now Anyways, I don't think I could truly muster enough power to take you down. With that being said, the council is now in session. Queen Meridian stood from her council seat and began speaking, Now that we are all here. Shall we discuss? A plan for taking out the black hood once and for all the way, Meridians spoke demanded attention, but was still soft, as if she were speaking to her Children. And what exactly is it that you propose Arthur ballot spoke in a calm and clear voice, but the way it came out sounded doubtful. Arthur square, john chiseled features made him stand out from everyone else. His beady black eyes were those of someone who seemed to be in a foul mood. But Arthur was a very cheery fellow. Arthur was the master of arms and trained most of the troops in combat and weapons. The ones that didn't train with him, trained with Merrick if they were stronger with magic, Merrick was one of the few council members who could train them. Arthur was still plenty capable of using and teaching magic. He just preferred to let Shylock and Merrick take on that task. After Arthur sat Captain George, most people just referred to him as Captain Strong though, which ironically was his last name. That wasn't the reason folks enjoyed calling him that though. No, they enjoyed it because of how huge he was. He towered over almost everyone in the village at six ft eight and a solid thick body. His arms were the size of cannons and he could easily throw a group of soldiers aside or throw a chunk of castle wall with ease. The only one close to his size was Merrick. But George was still plenty gifted as a sorcerer as well. The remaining two council members were not gifted in combat or strength, but we're however gifted with magic and healing Mistress Eva and her daughter, Lady Mill Andrea were gifted in the art of healing and earth magic. Lady Milan Real was the youngest member of the council, but more powerful and healing magic and earth magic than almost everyone in targets. The only one who was more powerful than Meridians was Meridians, but that was only due to her father giving her the elder book of spells to protect herself and learn from Milan Real finally spoke up. Perhaps with your permission, my Lady, we can use the elder book of spells to find the barrier protection to put around targets that might give us the extra time. We need Meridian started nodding her head as if to agree to the plan. But before the words yes, could come out of her mouth. She stopped and gave a glance to America as if to ask for help. But instead she just gave into her better instincts and went with her gut. His father had taught her. Thank you Lady Malandrino for your suggestion as much as I want to tell you to start working on that and gather supplies. I simply cannot. We do not have the manpower or the time any spell of that nature would take time to learn that not even myself or Zyla could just pull out of thin air. The last time a barrier spell was used against this creature of darkness, he destroyed it with a top of his finger. So I think we're gonna need to work on another way of defeating him. I'm sorry, my dear child, Meridian could see the sad look in Milan real size, but at the same time, we're content with the answer given to her George, interjected with his deep, booming voice. Do you perhaps think we should seek aid from one of the nearby kingdoms? George asked in a genuine voice. His short brown hair seemed to almost stand on edge when he spoke. Who is going to be close enough to us to make it to us on time, though, Arthur said with his high pitched voice, The closest kingdom to us is Stone Haven. And I don't think Master gallon is gonna be interested in battle. Not at his age. Merrick stood up. We've been dealing with the Black Hood for over 200 years now, and nothing that we have done has had any impact on him. We have slowed him down for sure, but that's not good enough. We need a solution. Merrick was slightly panicking, his tone of voice, but it was clear that he was irritated. No one had any idea is worth using. Perhaps we could ask my brother Cairo's Parade. He is powerful enough to be a great asset, and he has plenty of manpower. Vesalius is too far away, My love, Meridian said calmly. We need a kingdom that is nearby. We don't know how much longer we have until the Black Hood will arrive. It could be days or it could be weeks, or it could be hours. Xilinx voice suddenly raised above everyone else's in the room, fell silent to listen to the old craven. It's apparent to me that no one has anything useful, or even slightly good to use against him. So I will say this once and only once. You may heed my advice as your father once did Meridians or you may not. It's up to you. Zay lock seemed to pause for a long moment before continuing, as if what he had to say was painful and hard to speak about. Back. When your father and I fought against the Black Hood, we were in a similar situation that we're facing now. We were low on manpower and created a barrier spell and every single sorcerer at night that could fight out in formation at least 2500 strong and waited for him. We were expecting an army to fight against. But when we finally saw him approaching