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Fom the book World famous heroes

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Alexander had a number of favor items which he liked to put on before battle. He wrote a tonic made in sickly, which he built at the base. And over this, a trick cultured Lenin called sledge capture at the Bad Love is us. His helmet was the work off the master armorer Theopolis and was made off steel, which gleamed like a Polish silver and fitted with a great job with precious stones. He also sported on or make lock, made by eight artists, Helicon and Ida, most some antiquity and considerable value. When it was presented to him by the city of Roots this war he carried WAAS, a gift from the king off city, um, and was a marvel off lightness and tempering. The weapon was so effective that he trained himself to use it as his principal government in hand to hand fighting in preference to the more usual trusting weapons, which were brutal but cumbersome. An accidental restored blue capitalists into battle. But as the war husky grow old, he was fair service during the changes business off reviving the soldiers and drawing up the battle felling senses. When Alexander brought a reserve a horse accent was clearly well aware off the affect. His preference and appearances could happen on his men and his enemies, especially in the days when he wrote on age Surely items Hey, forward where rare on expansion Lee, friend of About