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Everything in the universe is made from matter from the smallest rock to the largest star, and all the matter there will ever be was created from the pure energy of the Big Bang. Einstein's equation e equals M. C. Squared says that energy transforms into matter. But it was just a theory. Today, science is able to test that theory. This is CERN in Switzerland, home to the world's largest machine. It's the size of a city and engineered to re create the conditions millionths of a second after the Big Bang. E commerce is not a system. It's an ecosystem made up of a collection of individual but connected systems. In order to connect all of these systems and effectively share data, each system needs to use a common method of communication. Unfortunately for us, our systems are mix of technology and vendors that need many different methods of communication, and connecting them has quickly become unmanageable. That's why we're implementing a new enterprise service bus or E S. B. I wore a black suit and a white shirt, the black tie and black shoes all polished and shiny, close that normally would make me feel uncomfortable as if I were in a stolen uniform or pretending to be an adult today, they gave me comfort of a kind. I was wearing the right clothes for a hard day. I had done my duty in the morning, spoken the words I was meant to speak, and I meant them as I spoke thumb. And then when the service was done, I got in my car and I drove randomly without a plan, with an hour or so to kill. Before I met more people I hadn't seen for years and shook more hands and drank too many cups of tea from the best China. I drove a long, winding Sussex Country roads. I only half remembered until I found myself headed toward the town centre, so I turned randomly down another road and took a left and a right. It was only then that I realized where I was going, where I had been going all along, and I grimaced in my own foolishness. I had been driving toward a house that had not existed for decades. I thought of turning around. Then, as I drove down a wide street that had once been a flint lane beside a barley field of turning back and leaving the past undisturbed. But I was curious. The next time you bite into a marshmallow cookie, you can thank the ancient Egyptians. They invented marshmallow candy by thickening honey with sap from the roots of the marshmallow plant and herb that grows in salt marshes and along large bodies of water. Modern marshmallow contains gelatine instead of sap from the mala room. The snap test to make sure the coating is hard and thinking, then the taste test. If you've got a sweet tooth, doing quality control on the marshmallow cookie factory is your dream job.