Audiobook Narration of All Aboard



This is a narration of \"All Aboard\" from \"Continuum: A Short Story Collection\" by Chad Lester. Natalie plays \"Leda\", a journalist that makes a terrifying discovery about the future of the planet.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General)


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the future seemed bright on my world view was as unshakable as ever. Or it wass until I watched the most renowned physicist in the solar system kill herself in front of me. I feel so naive when I think back on it all. Math is the language of the universe. So here was I, or anyone for that matter, in a position to argue with the irrefutable truth of mathematics. Through technology, we have been able to colonise the solar system, eliminate poverty, expand equity and improve the well being of all creatures. How could I not think such a system was the closest thing are flawed species could come to perfection. Technology was our solution, our Saviour and maybe, just maybe it was even our god.