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if you're reading this book, then you've likely heard that the art world is going through a sudden and tenderize explosion of activity that has seemingly come out of nowhere. Prior to 2021 very few people had ever heard of an N. F. T. Now, suddenly artists are making millions selling their art as N. F. T. S. What does that even mean? N. F. T. S. Are just some kind of newfangled e commerce website. This is an entirely new paradigm that makes it possible to create and self certified, authentic original works of digital art the first time this new paradigm is fully explained. It can be utterly mind boggling to an artist. Among other things. This book is going to try to explain N. F. T. S in a straightforward, easy to understand manner, regardless of your previous experience with such things. N. F. This can be life changing for artists to give you some idea of the craziness that's happening in the N. F. T. Art world. Take the story of 15 year old artist Jaden stipp overnight Jaden went from your average teenage artist to selling his work in the form of N. F. T. S for tens of thousands of dollars. Siege