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Just listen and I'm sure I'll be one of the first choices. Not because I sound good, but because you'll find that I'm easy to work with and love bringing words to life.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Caribbean (Jamaican Patois), North American


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I see my ancestor by Nicholas Brown. I could see them in their villages within kingdoms, tending to their daily lives. My great grandfather, with my great grandmother giving guidance to my other great grands who followed behind. They were part of a kingdom that neighbored others who traded or fought but never dehumanized. I could smell them on the boats, all chained up, bodies foul from human waste, sweat and menstrual blood soaked into the wooden floors of those transport ships. I can see them entering sugar cane fields, watching women being flogged with whips, they broke the spirits of those who now realize how evil the european can be. I can see them working night and day, tiring out and dying young due to sickness and poor eating. I can hear the rustling of the cane and brush because some of my great grands ran off the plantation. I can feel the sense of urgency in each step and the warmth from each breath taken as they ran toward cockpit country.