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The Mortgage Centre - Mortgage Worx Inc is a retainer client for HatChap Productions and these are a few of the commercial spots that I've not only voice acted in but also produced from concept to delivery. The second half features a brand awareness campaign for HatChap Productions Inc.

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what if it was easier, what if the bills got paid and we spent more days with our worries far away. What if the good days came and what if they were here to stay right? What if all the dreams you ever dreamed could finally be built on memory lane, relieve renew refinance with mortgage works. A proud affiliate of the mortgage center contact mortgage works today and wake up to a brighter tomorrow. Let me ask you something, do you just want to live or do you want to be inspired? Some people just have it, you know, they have it there, inspired their inspired all the time. You've got to ask yourself why, why, why are they inspired all the time or they just positioning themselves on facebook? No, they're going out into the world and taking in in the world. That's what inspiration is. It's to take in to breathe. But I'm not talking about air. I'm talking about your spirit spirit, the stuff that keeps you going that keeps you driven. That gives you energy when nothing else will. That's what you need to find fine because the things that matter to you matter to the world, they must be shared and in order to do that, you must be inspired, tired And that's a practice. It's a practice every day. I have to wake up, turn on something positive and get to work