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So this is gorgeous *** guy I like who's in the same forensic science program with me. We're both sophomores at Odin Berry University. We drink macchiato with same cafe in between classes. We live on the same block. We worked the same job and we both ride the loop to and from work. We also happened to be in terms of Odin very police department. I had studied his routine like a midterm exam and mimicked his lifestyle to match mine. Unbeknownst to him, none of the things we share in common a pure coincidence. I enrolled myself in the same college is him became a regular the espresso cafe he frequents, moved to the same neighborhood as him and applied for the same internship program. However, in spite of me doing all that, my crush is yet to notice me. Partly due to the fact I'm ugliest ****. And it also doesn't help that I'm socially awkward and suffer from borderline personality disorder. Both make it hard for me to have friends. ****, I have a hard time just speaking to people. Damn, Raina, would you just say something already? It doesn't have to be funny or witty or charismatic. It just has to be something I told myself with a hundred times I watched the roof from afar. Danny, so fine. I'm pretty sure Jesus looked like this man. We were both waiting on the loop, a complimentary bus for college students traveling within the old and very city limits. My crush is real. Name is Sterling Robinson Jr and he's definitely Ah, whole lot of man. Women couldn't keep their eyes off of him. He was a walking heartthrob as six two with bulging muscles, caramel skin and hazel eyes. Sterling easily stood out from the other guys in the small town of voting Berry. The city of Odin very offered its residents of sparse suburban field, and most of the residents own their homes. There were a few bars, one movie theater, Ah, handful of gas stations and several of them family owned and fast food restaurants. Odin Berry was comprised of diverse families and an older population. Very few young professionals lived here. Most of them had graduated and taken their degrees to more exciting cities like Raleigh Durham or Charlotte. Elderberry was quiet, so Roll town were very little went on with friendly people who tended to lean on the more conservative side. The couple of city parks and golf courses that we had were well kept, and all of the schools were above average. The city also held many fun events during the summer to bring our people closer together and unite our small knit community. Aside from a recent string of murders, the town was relatively safe. We were located just outside of Apex, North Carolina, and with a population of twelve thousand seven hundred fifty eight people, less than one percent of them being black. There wasn't a lot of brothers in noting Berry, definitely not any that were worth a second glance rule. Self esteem had to have been on a hundred. Too bad I couldn't say the same about myself. My homely appearance kept me from uttering a single word to him or any other man, for that matter. With midnight black skin. Ah, hook, nose, massive overbite, eyes that slightly bugged out of my head. I was the raw embodiment of UN attractiveness. As a child, I was often cheesed by a boy named Derrick for looking like a pug. As luck would have it, he also attended. The same college is me in room where he still taunting me to this day in addition to looking like a dog. I was gangly, flat chested and frail. I'm talking so damn skinny. I could see out the peephole with two eyes. Who the **** would wanna bring home a skinny *** bug toothpick to meet their parents? Oh, I couldn't blame Roof are always overlooking me. Why would I when every man in Oldbury failed to notice Mia's well?